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Independent Living Skills

Training Components

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Money Management

In ILS, participants learn essential money management skills, including budgeting, saving, and responsible spending. The focus is on developing financial independence through effective budgeting, tracking income, and acquiring essential financial literacy knowledge. This component also focuses on housing and employment goals.

Use of Public Transportation

In utilizing public transportation, Paratransit, and rideshare, individuals learn to navigate routes, understand bus schedules, and optimize travel costs. The emphasis is on fostering independence and sustainability by making informed choices for efficient and affordable commuting.  

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In a cooking setting, participants gain practical skills in meal preparation, understanding recipes, and overall kitchen safety. The focus is on promoting independence through hands-on cooking experiences, fostering confidence in creating nutritious and delicious meals.

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Personal Health & Hygiene

In the realm of personal health and hygiene, individuals develop essential habits for self-care. The emphasis is on cultivating practices such as regular grooming, proper dental care, and maintaining overall well-being. This encourages a sense of personal responsibility and contributes to long-term health.

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Self-advocacy involves developing the skills to express personal needs, preferences, and rights effectively. Participants learn to communicate assertively, make informed decisions, and navigate various situations with confidence. The focus is on empowering individuals to actively participate in shaping their own lives and advocating for their well-being.

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Cleaning & Organization

In the context of cleaning and organization, individuals acquire practical skills to maintain a tidy and orderly living space. This includes learning efficient cleaning techniques, organizing belongings, and creating systems for clutter-free environments. The goal is to instill habits that contribute to a well-organized and visually appealing living or working space.

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Community Resources

Understanding community resources entails learning to access local services and support networks. Participants gain practical knowledge to navigate and leverage available programs, fostering a sense of connection and well-being.

Home & Community Safety

Home and community safety training equips individuals with essential skills to ensure a secure living environment. Participants learn about hazard identification, emergency preparedness, and personal safety measures. The focus is to cultivate a sense of security and well-being both at home and within the community.

Use of Medical & Dental Services

Utilizing medical and dental services involves learning how to access and benefit from healthcare resources. Individuals gain knowledge on scheduling appointments, understanding medical procedures, and maintaining oral health. The focus is on promoting proactive engagement with healthcare providers for overall well-being.

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Meal Preparation & Meal Planning

Meal preparation involves acquiring practical skills in planning, cooking, and presenting nutritious and satisfying meals. Participants learn about ingredient selection, cooking techniques, and time management in the kitchen. The focus is on fostering independence and confidence in creating balanced and enjoyable meals.

Independent Recreation

Independent recreation emphasizes cultivating personal hobbies and leisure activities to promote healthy socialization. Individuals learn to explore and engage in enjoyable pursuits, that allows sense of fulfillment and relaxation. The focus is on promoting self-initiated and self-sustained recreational experiences.

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Shopping skills training encompasses practical abilities such as budgeting, comparing prices, and making informed purchasing decisions. Individuals learn to navigate stores, create shopping lists, and prioritize needs. The focus is on promoting responsible and efficient shopping habits for a balanced and mindful approach to spending.

**We design each individual service plan (ISP) to fit the individual needs of our clients, ensuring it aligns with their goals. Should their objectives evolve, we adjust their program accordingly. This approach guarantees a tailored and effective experience for every client.

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