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What is ILS?

Independent Living Skills (ILS) services are designed to empower adults with developmental disabilities by teaching them essential skills for achieving and maintaining greater independence. Our tailored one-on-one training encompasses a comprehensive range of life skills, including cooking, cleaning, shopping in real-life settings, menu planning, meal preparation, money management, navigating public transportation, personal health and hygiene, self-advocacy, enjoying leisure activities independently, accessing medical and dental services, awareness of community resources, and ensuring home and community safety.

What is the difference between Ability 2 Learn and the Alta Regional Center?

Ability 2 Learn partners with Alta Regional Center, serving as one of the diverse services provided by the center. We collaborate closely with service coordinators to access resources and secure potential funding necessary for our clients. Our Independent Living Skills (ILS) instructors frequently engage with clients in their everyday environments, assisting with day-to-day tasks. These instructors also ensure clients are connected to the resources they need and qualify for. We maintain regular communication with service coordinators, updating them on our clients' progress or challenges in achieving their goals. Together, we develop each client's Individual Service Plan.

Does ILS provide transportation?

While we offer transportation assistance when necessary, our primary objective is to foster independence among our clients. To this end, we dedicate ourselves to teaching them how to navigate public transportation effectively. Additionally, we assist in applying for Paratransit services or other transportation options as required. Our aim is to equip our clients with the skills needed to independently travel from Point A to Point B, though we are prepared to provide transportation support if needed.

Can I host my own club?

Certainly! You can begin by seeking guidance from your instructor, who can offer assistance and help brainstorm ideas for the club. Together, you can explore various concepts and develop innovative ideas to shape and enrich the club's activities and goals.

How to become a client of Ability 2 Learn?

To become a client of Ability 2 Learn, it's essential first to be registered as a client with the Alta Regional Center. Once enrolled, you should request your service coordinator to submit a referral specifically for Ability 2 Learn's Independent Living Skills (ILS) services.

How long are sessions?

Our sessions typically occur once a week and last between 2.5 to 4 hours each.

Where are sessions held?

The sessions are held in locations where the client feels most comfortable, be it their house/apartment, a nearby Starbucks, a library, or any other preferred setting.

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