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"Making a Difference…

One Day at a Time"

Who is Ability 2 Learn?

Ability 2 Learn Inc. is located in Sacramento, CA.  We primarily focus on teaching new life skills to adults with developmental disabilities. Currently, we serve over 425 adult clients in Sacramento County.  Our motto is "making a difference.. one day at a time".  We believe that each person in our program has the ability to learn new life skills through skill repetition, hard work, peer support, mentor guidance, and ultimate determination.  At A2L, we provide one-on-one hands on training in many different areas such as, but not limited to: cooking, cleaning, self-advocacy, money management training, personal health goals, socialization, housing plans, learning how to use public transportation, etc.  We provide one-on-one training in natural settings such as: our client's homes, medical offices, school campuses, public libraries, etc.  We are all about helping to create more independence within the lives of those we serve.  No matter the goal, big or small, we are here to help each individual within our program to maximize their full potential and ultimately to gain more independence within their own lives.  We are often referred to as ILS Instructors, Life Coaches, or Life Skills Trainers.  Our titles may vary, but our objective stays the same.  Empowering people with disabilities is what we do best!


                                                                                              It's simple.... at Ability 2 Learn, we change lives! 



To us, there's nothing more rewarding than to be a part of our client's learning journey!

“Every person in the world, disabled or non-disabled, has the ability to learn new life skills in order to gain a new level of independence” - Albert Johnson, Executive Director


Ability 2 Learn, Inc.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities. We focus on teaching new life skills to the wonderful population we serve. Through patience, diligence, and hard work, our program is dedicated towards helping each individual maximize their full potential and ultimately achieve their goal of becoming more independent.

A2L Friend’s Club! 

A2L Friend’s Club was established so that everyone in our program has the opportunity to be a part of a social group and to create new long-lasting friendships along the way!  A2L Friend's Club is a place for everyone to feel welcome!  We go out to places such as, but not limited to: the movies, local museums, sporting events, etc.  You're also more than welcome to check out our A2L monthly newsletter in order to gain more information about our client Zoom Clubs that are currently being offered!  

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