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Try hard at everything you do! 

Client Feedback

We pride ourselves on being able to change the lives of others.  Please read below to see what our clients think about us!

“My ILS worker helped me to get my very 1st job in life. He also taught me how to use the bus system around my house. He even helped me to get my DMV driving permit.”

-Ryan Acosta, A2L Client

“Through ILS training I have worked to improve my social skills. I have also bettered my overall self-advocacy skills. I have a good support system at Ability 2 Learn.”

-David Coffer, A2L client

“My ILS worker has taught me how to better organize my home and obtain my goals. He has also helped me learn how to make better financial decisions.”

-Matthew Switzgable, A2L Client

“My ILS worker helped me open up a bank account. She also taught me how to apply for jobs in my community. I am more independent now because I can schedule my own medical appointments for myself and also for my children. I am working on giving more to my kids!”

-Monique Acoff, A2L Client

“Through working with Ability 2 Learn I have learned how to create a better resume and cover letters in order to gain competitive employment in my community. My ILS worker also taught me how to better advocate for myself and how to be more professional during interviews.”

-Justin Igama, A2L Client

“I've learned how to cook new meals, pay my bills on time, and even unclog drains in my home lol!”

-Alysha McDaniel, A2L Client

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