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Client Success Stories

Our client's success is our success!

More Stories Coming Soon!

Congratulations John! 

John D recently passed his behind-the-wheel portion of his CA driver's license test.

John did not let failure or the pandemic discourage him.

He doubled down on his studies and stayed committed to his goal.

This goal began with John wanting to learn to drive back in 2019.

Since then, he has paid off all his personal debt and saved enough money for a year's worth of car insurance and registration. John is now on his way to saving for his first apartment as he continues to move towards independence.


Way to go Cosette!!!

Our instructor, Kelly, helped Cosette to get all set up with Paratransit services! 

Meet Omar and Mrs. Gade (Disability Attorney in Sacramento, CA)

Omar had been denied SSI benefits several times before in the past.  Ability 2 Learn helped Omar to find a local attorney who took his case on and fought for him in court.  One year later, Omar's case was finally approved!  Sometimes our clients just need help to find the right resources and that's what we're here for!  A very special thank you to Mrs. Gade for her amazing work on this case! 

Congratulations Justin! 

A2L helped Justin to get his very 1st apartment in life!  Justin's main goal has always been to secure new housing.  We put together a plan to help Justin and he executed it perfectly!  Congrats Justin! 

Congrats Davis!

Congrats to our client Davis for successfully passing his DMV written test! Davis failed the test over 5x in the past, but he never gave up!  Well look at what happened now! Thank you Davis for inspiring all of us to never give up!

New Housing!

When we first met Greg he was living in an undesirable home in South Sacramento.  Greg's main goal when he entered our program was to have a place to call his own.  Greg is now 57 years old and has never had a place of his own before.  After many months of work, we were finally able to help Greg with reaching his housing goal!  In February 2018, Greg moved into his very own 1 bedroom apartment!

More Success!

Ability 2 Learn connected Raquel with a disability attorney that helped her fight for her SSI benefits. Raquel had been denied several times on her own in the past.  Raquel was finally approved for monthly SSI benefits and now she has a steady source of income in order to provide for her son. 

 We also helped Michael Jr. and his father Michael Sr. to find a new place to live. Prior to entering our program, Michael and his father were homeless, sleeping in their vehicle on the streets. We helped them to find a good home, a place where they could rebuild and things have been going great!

Congrats Ryan on your first job!

When we first met Ryan he was fresh out of high school.  Ryan entered our program with no income, no medical insurance, and no real plan for his future.  After working countless amount of hours with his ILS Instructor, Ryan began to make progress in so many different areas of life.  To date, Ryan is now working full-time at McDonald's as his first competitive job.  Ryan is also enrolled as a student at ARC College, and on top of that, he even earned his driver's permit from DMV!  Next, Ryan will begin working towards taking his behind the wheel test to receive his driver's license.  Additionally, we helped Ryan to get his medical insurance set up and now he maintains regular check-ups. We are extremely proud of you Ryan!   

Congrats Danie!

Danie recently got her driver's license along with a new car to go along with it!  Danie has always been determined to get more out of life so it doesn't surprise us to see her achieving so many goals! Congrats Danie, you deserve the world! 

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