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About Us

Ability 2 Learn, Inc. was founded in May of 2015 by company owner, Albert Johnson.  In 2015, we started off with only 6 clients in our program. Today, we serve over 375 adults across Sacramento County!  We have an amazing team and without them none of this would be possible!  We've been fortunate enough to help change many lives throughout our community! 

Albert Johnson, Executive Director & Founder

For over 15 years, Albert has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities. In his early 20's, Albert spent many years working as an ILS Instructor. During that time, Albert quickly learned how much of an impact he was able to make in other people's lives through ILS training. It was also during that time that Albert chose this field as a career path and he eventually began his journey towards starting his own program. Albert was not successful the first few attempts. In fact, it took Albert over 6 years in total to finally get the opportunity to start Ability 2 Learn. But once the opportunity came, Albert knew that he was going to be able to create a program that would help to change the lives of many throughout the community.  Albert has dedicated his whole life towards serving other individuals. His vision, leadership, and passion has helped to create an amazing ILS program.  Albert's motto is "making a difference... one day at a time.." 

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